Question: How does the reading work?
Answer: When you call in I provide a brief consultation which explains the types of readings for you to choose from. After selecting a reading, you pay the price for the reading using one my payment options. As soon as payment is confirmed I can begin your reading.

Question: What are my payment options?
Answer: I accept paypal payment via the website or I can take credit card by phone.

Question: Do I know if I'm going to get charged as soon as I call? Do I pay before I call? Do I pay during the call?
Answer: You will not be charged until after you have finished a brief FREE consultation. After such, should you decide upon purchasing a reading or other services, you will then be charged. If you choose not get a reading, you will not be charged anything.

Question: Will I be charged for the phone call if I do not get a reading?
Answer: No, the call will be free. You will only be charged for being given a reading.

Question: How much does $5 get me?
Answer: I offer a single question answered for $5. If you should decide to purchase a more in depth reading like the tarot or full life reading, the $5 will go towards the price of the reading.